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Savvy makes it amazingly easy to teach. Get started by creating your free personal teacher webpage in 4 minutes or less.

Start teaching

Amazingly easy scheduling, for you and your learners

No more emailing back and forth for days to set up a time to teach. Simply mark the times you’re available to teach in the calendar you’re already using, and they automatically update your Savvy page. Your learners can book the right time for them in a few clicks.

Get paid automatically, even for cancellations

Stop worrying about bugging learners for payment. Savvy handles all transactions, quickly and securely, so you get paid automatically for your teaching lessons. And we make sure you get paid for last-minute cancellations.

Keep students engaged and booking

Savvy sends automatic reminders to learners so they know exactly when their lesson with you is happening.

Savvy also makes it easy to keep learners engaged and booking multiple lessons. With our rebooking feature, learners can easily book lessons for the same time every week for months to come. And you can easily send reminder messages to learners who haven’t booked a lesson in a while.

A storefront you can use to be found and booked

Get your own custom savvy.is web address. Create your page with your bio, teaching topics, rates, and availability. Use it to promote yourself with the help of our Marketing Experts and get booked by learners.

Simple to use, high quality chat

Video chat is built in to Savvy, with no software to download or add people. For you and your learners, joining a video chat is as easy as clicking a link (in your reminder emails or calendar entry). Use audio quality designed for singers and video vetted by dance instructors.


Watch this video to learn more about how teachers use Savvy to teach more easily

What folks are saying

I love Savvy, it is great! It is so easy to set up your profile and get started, and the team at Savvy are very helpful and supportive. You then have more time to teach what you love.
"I’m so excited about this online coaching platform! With Savvy students can book lessons from ANYWHERE in the world, and it’s all automated!"
"I've received so many messages wanting to have a 1:1 with me, but I didn’t know how to do this. Savvy offers a platform for people like me to teach on a worldwide basis."
"I’m a big fan of online lessons, and I am just lovin’ Savvy. The quality is much, MUCH better than Skype or FaceTime."