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JavaScript is the programming language of the web. It is one of the most useful and popular coding skills for creating web, mobile, and desktop apps, for game development, and for server-side network programming with runtime environments such as Node.js. The best part: it is easy to learn.

Here is how to become a JavaScript Pro in no time:
  1. Assess your JavaScript skill level

    Which of the following would you say describes your current JavaScript level?
    • Beginner: I don’t know how to write code
    • Intermediate: I know another object-oriented programming language but don’t know Javascript
    • Advanced: I know basics of JavaScript.
    • Expert: I know what Closures, Flexible Arguments, Instance Types, Inheritance, and Built-in Prototypes are.
    • Master: I have solid experience with Javascript ES6 and frameworks like React.js, Angular.js, or Ember.js./li>

  2. Set your JavaScript learning Goal

    You will master JavaScript much faster if you take a moment to think about your goals:
    1. what will you be doing with your JavaScript expertise?
    2. Are you working on a specific app?

    Thinking of a couple of examples can accelerate your learning path dramatically and sets you up for the next step:

  3. Connect with a live JavaScript Teacher

    Learning from a JavaScript pro in a live 1:1 session is much more effective than watching recorded online videos alone. Savvy JavaScript teachers are great technical experts in their field, they are vetted by many learners who worked with them, they are really affordable, and you can connect with them anytime from the convenience of your home or office desk via live video.

Here are five featured JavaScript experts that have worked with students of all levels. Pick the one that’s best for you and send them a free message. Say Hi, tell them the goal you like to achieve next to get the conversation started:
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