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Play some screechy rock and rhythm guitar like Jimi Hendrix. Perform the slowhand blues like Eric Clapton. Impress “Maria Maria” with your latin grooves like Carlos Santana. Jazz it up like Pat Metheny.

Whether you’ve never played the guitar before or you want to improve your skills, whether your goal is to strum a few chords in the privacy of your home, serenade a loved one, record your own music, play in a band or perform on a big stage: you just took the first step toward mastering the instrument in no time.

Here is how:
  1. Choose your Style

    From Pop to Death Metal – the guitar is one of the most versatile instruments that brings out your creativity: decide which genre you want to start with: Jazz, Pop, Classical, Rock, Metal, Traditional Folk, Punk, Electro, Dance, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop Rock, Country, Gospel, Flamenco, Fingerstyle, Folk Pop, Latin American, Ragtime or Experimental. There are many styles to choose from and many guitarists end up mastering multiple styles or creating their own. Pick the one you like the most, based on songs you like to listen to, and focus on that genre of music as you are taking your first exciting steps as a beginner guitarist. It will be highly motivating and fun and yields the best results.
  2. Pick your Instrument

    Depending on your preferred genre you decide which instrument to pick. If you don’t have a guitar already you can buy an inexpensive one or rent one from your local music store or music school to try before you buy. Your Savvy guitar teacher can guide you in your first session (see below). Most beginners start with an affordable Nylon String Acoustic Guitar to learn the basics and then either stick with Nylon String, switch to a Steel String Acoustic Guitar or an Electric Guitar.
  3. Connect with a Teacher

    Sure, you can strum along with that Youtube video or watch recorded guitar tutorials somewhere. However, those aren’t personalized and can hence become rather frustrating very quickly: you won’t make much progress, you get stuck or you give up entirely. The most effective and fun way for beginners to learn the guitar is to learn from a great teacher in one-on-one sessions. “Behind every player’s success is a great coach” is what they say. And that applies to learning to play the guitar as well. Based on your individual goals, your preferred genre and style, your personal guitar teacher supports you and puts you on the best learning path so you will start playing the guitar with joy and confidence after only a few sessions. You don’t have to be able to read music. Savvy guitar teachers are great artists and experts in their field, they are vetted by their communities of happy guitar students, they are really affordable, and you can connect with them anytime from the convenience of your home via live video.

Here are five featured guitar teachers that specialize in working with beginners like yourself. Pick the one that’s best for you and send them a free message. Say Hi, tell them about your preferred genre, goals, and the instrument you like to use to get the conversation started:
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"The lesson was direct, helpful, and awesome. It was quite honestly the best 25 minutes my business has had in awhile."
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"I’m so excited about this online coaching platform! With Savvy students can book lessons from ANYWHERE in the world, and it’s all automated!"

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