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6 Simple Vocal Warm Up Exercises to Sing Your Best


By Dan Inglis, co-authored with Unu Sohn


If you’re not stretching before you start singing, you’re not using your optimal voice. Singing requires you to engage and also relax a lot of your muscles, from your abdomen to your larynx. Stretching your muscles improves your breathing, alignment, and vocal production. It increases blood flow to the larynx, lungs, and tongue — all of which you use to sing.


If you don’t have a vocal warm up exercise routine, it’s time to get one. As a Professional Singing Teacher who is certified in Estill Voice Training, I’ve put together simple neck and head exercises that help you stretch the muscles of your spine and increase blood flow to the important organs you use to sing.

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From Practice to Performance: Making the Best out of Your Singing Practice

By Touran |


By Molly Rosen


One of the most common questions I get from my students, especially my beginner vocalists, is: “how often should I practice singing?”. My response is to ask yourself, how quickly do you want to progress? The answer to that question will determine how often, and for how long you should be practicing.

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