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3 Easy Skills to Improve Your Singing Diction


By Keene Benson

I’m going to share with you three essential skills you can easily use to be well understood when you sing. Most importantly, these skills can help you improve the sound of your voice and give you a broader range of artistic choices.


1. What’s a dipthong, and what do I do with it?


Nope, a dipthong is not something you wear. A dipthong is a sound created by two vowels in the same word or syllable.

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Sound Nasally When You Sing? Here’s 2 Techniques to Get Rid of it Immediately


By Beth Lawrence, co-authored with Phillip Brandvold


One of the most difficult things for many beginning singers to overcome is the tendency to produce a nasal sounding tone. In fact, many singers battle against nasal sounds long into their vocal career. Although, sometimes the nasal voice is exactly what you’re looking for (think Country-Western music). However, good vocalists are able to determine when and how a nasal sound is produced. So how do you avoid creating an unintentional nasal voice?

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