We Can Learn A Lot From Each Other

Why Vulnerability is the Key to Building Relationships on Twitter

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By Brandon Fong

I used to think I was cool. That was, until I realized that nobody else thought I was cool. When I first started building my personal brand on Twitter, I did everything wrong. I thought that the best way to do things would be to show people how professional and accomplished I was -- people like that, right?


Nobody relates to people who try to act perfect all the time. This is true in real life, so why wouldn’t it be true on Twitter?

Along my Twitter journey thus far, I’ve made many mistakes, followed bad advice, and probably took much longer to get where I am today than if I had done it correctly.

My new (and dramatically more effective) approach to building a successful Twitter account is all about providing value to people. If you can provide value, make people feel good, and build a relationship with them, you can then start to build a following and loyal trust with your audience.

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