We Can Learn A Lot From Each Other

3 Lesser-Known Marketable Skills You Can Develop With 1:1 Learning


By Ben Thomas

It’s no secret that traditional employment isn’t as stable as it used to be. When it comes to securing your income and improving your quality of life in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, marketable skills are far more important than degrees. In fact, even if you don’t have a college degree – or if your degree program didn’t teach you a lot of marketable skills – you can still track down additional income and expand your employment horizons by teaching yourself new tricks.

While plenty of articles – including many you’ve probably seen – will tell you to learn computer programming, you might not be particularly interested in developing websites and software. There’s nothing wrong with that. The good news is, the internet is a great place to learn many in-demand skills – including some that you might not have considered learning before.

Here are three lesser-known marketable skills you can teach yourself with online 1:1 learning. 

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Learning One-on-One: 8 Unique Skills You Can Learn From Your Private Teacher


By Patricia Guth

If you’ve been a parent to a student in a traditional school setting – especially in the last decade or so – you know that schools and teachers have particular curriculums they must follow and that even the most creative teacher can have a difficult time pulling in other topics that they know will help students make their way through life and their chosen careers. Given all the standardized testing requirements imposed upon our schools and the specifics of “common core curriculum”, it’s tough to stray from the teaching track imposed by districts.

However, if you or your child is involved in one-on-one learning with a gifted academic professional, there are many unique skills that can be included in what’s likely to be a much less-structured – though equally successful – curriculum.

Below is a list of skills necessary for proceeding through life with fewer bumps and bruises. These are skills that most one-on-one teachers are qualified to teach (and can teach online from anywhere in the world). Your student will benefit from any or all of these.

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4 Unusual Learning Techniques From Across the World


By Richard Haynes


Day-to-day, technology makes the world ever smaller. Not long ago, if you wanted information, you were limited to trips to the library and your family’s outdated encyclopedias. Now, nearly infinite knowledge is a few simple clicks away.

Likewise, countries all across the world have investigated and found new teaching strategies that are revolutionizing education. Nonetheless, many school systems are slow to adopt them. Therefore, people from across the globe are turning to the Internet to take control of their education. They are seeking out these new teaching strategies and sharing them with other like-minded individuals.

Below is a list of four unusual and nontraditional teaching techniques from four very diverse countries. Adopt these strategies and make them part of your personal learning system.

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6 Reasons Why 1:1 Learning is Better for Introverts


By Emma Castleberry

In 2012, author Susan Cain released a book entitled, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” This book brought on revolutionary thought about what introverts are capable of and how we as a society can nurture their strengths. Introverts are often misunderstood as shy, antisocial, or even unintelligent because of their reluctance to participate in a traditional classroom that is so obviously catered to extraverts. But in the right setting, introverts are creative, profound learners who can thrive. 


In “Quiet,” Cain defines introverts as people who simply “prefer quieter, more minimally stimulating environments.” A 1:1 learning environment is just that - quiet and more minimally stimulating. 1:1 learning is perfect for introverted people for a number of reasons. Here are a few.

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