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Powering Through Fear When Talking About Money: An Interview With Donna Hook

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By Louise Harris

People are often afraid to talk about money.  Money talk can be an uncomfortable topic; many people avoid these conversations. To be successful, company owners and project managers must put aside their emotions so they can discuss financial aspects of contracts, says Donna Hook, an expert on communicating about money.

Hook garnered her skills in information technology departments of Fortune 500 firms. She deals with managed resources and also runs her company, Confident Communicator Coach. Clients hire Hook for presentation help or to address a topic at work that is difficult to discuss and resolve. She also coaches clients on how they can deal with finances. Her clients are in the corporate world, private health care practitioners or small company owners.

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3 Tips to Become More Persuasive: An Interview with Juliet Erickson



By Theresa DeMario 

Juliet Erickson has coached people in the art of persuasion all over the world. She has worked with nonprofit organizations, CEO’s of large corporations, celebrities, and government entities. She even taught Communication and Negotiation at Stanford University. Erickson said she enjoys working with Savvy because she can work with people who may not otherwise be able to afford or even find her services, wherever they may be.

Persuasion is one of those topics that is often misunderstood.  It is not the same thing as manipulation. Erickson describes persuasion as “being relevant enough to help people to change the way they think or act.”

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