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3 Lesser-Known Marketable Skills You Can Develop With 1:1 Learning


By Ben Thomas

It’s no secret that traditional employment isn’t as stable as it used to be. When it comes to securing your income and improving your quality of life in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, marketable skills are far more important than degrees. In fact, even if you don’t have a college degree – or if your degree program didn’t teach you a lot of marketable skills – you can still track down additional income and expand your employment horizons by teaching yourself new tricks.

While plenty of articles – including many you’ve probably seen – will tell you to learn computer programming, you might not be particularly interested in developing websites and software. There’s nothing wrong with that. The good news is, the internet is a great place to learn many in-demand skills – including some that you might not have considered learning before.

Here are three lesser-known marketable skills you can teach yourself with online 1:1 learning. 

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