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3 Singing Techniques to Help You Hit High or Low Notes

By Touran |


By Donna Flynn, co-authored with Phillip Brandvold


As a singer, we all strive to achieve the ability to retain resonance and clarity in our voice while powering through either end of our vocal range- whether it be high or low. But time after time again, hitting those notes with ease has proven to be a difficult thing to achieve. Often, as a vocalist, you stumble upon songs that are set in a key you are uncomfortable with, and there may be a couple of notes that are either too high or low for you to hit. Your first instinct might be to change the key to something within your comfort range- however, that’s not always possible. Besides, many songs have such a large range that you may find extreme notes to hit no matter what the key. So how can you sing with the same power and clarity on an extreme note as you can with one that falls in the mid-range?

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