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Picking the Performing Arts College Perfect for You: An Interview with Drew Boudreau

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By Theresa DeMario

Drew Boudreau of College Auditions Professionals, is firmly grounded in the performing arts. Specifically, Boudreau works in Musical theater and Improv Comedy.  His experience ranges from actor to stage manager to his current position at the Orange County School of the Arts.  On Savvy, Boudreau coaches youth in their college admissions auditions.

During our interview, Boudreau said that a Savvy lesson looks a lot like any other lesson except perhaps more tailor-made and less scripted. Boudreau likes to do an initial interview with the student and the family to make sure everyone is on the same page and to figure out exactly what the student needs to focus on.  After the initial meeting, lessons are done one-on-one with the student.   

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