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5 Surprising Ways That 1:1 Learning Keeps Your Brain Young

By Touran |


By Ben Thomas

Some people look at aging as a sort of downward slope – a long, slow slide away from the excitement and energy of youth. But that’s not what the facts say.


Studies have found that people as old as 90 can build new muscle mass – and long after age 50, the brain’s wiring can keep adapting to become more efficient than ever before. It’s even possible to measurably expand your memory capacity as you grow older. All it takes is a bit of ongoing curiosity, and a willingness to learn new skills.


One of the top-recommended ways to keep your brain youthful is to learn a new language – but almost any form of learning has been shown to have benefits. Here are five surprising, scientifically proven ways in which ongoing 1:1 learning will boost your brain power, far into the later years of life.

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