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Catch Yourself Procrastinating Before an Audition? Here are 4 Tips to Make Sure That Never Happens Again

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By Arlys Alford


I can’t think of a better way to open dialogue on how procrastination applies to a singer’s career than the callback audition you have for The Voice tomorrow morning. You’ve never had voice lessons and you thought this was a good time to start? Hmm, the idea that you will assimilate years of knowledge in sixty minutes or less makes me have to do my whaaa? face. Don’t make me do it. Instead, let’s understand why procrastinating might be getting in the way of your singing career and come up with a game plan so it doesn’t happen again. Deal?

Don’t Kill Your Big Audition


Taking one voice lesson before an audition or callback may provide too much information without time for you to process it. You need to give yourself enough time to prepare and practice to confidently perform and maintain a sustainably healthy sound. So, there you sit at your Big Chance audition, leg pumping nervously while you involuntarily gaze at every calm individual in the room, hoping some of it rubs off on you. Instead of killing it at the audition, the Chance gets killed. It all could have been prevented.


No One is Perfect


I’m far too familiar with the effects of procrastination, first hand. As a young singer, I made my share of mistakes regarding my voice. I’d like to spare others the agonizing outcomes lack of preparation delivers on so many levels. I have plenty of stories about how I destroyed my voice putting off vocal lessons, even though my throat was hurting after shows. 


You Need Time to Learn


When it comes to knowledge, if it comes too fast, it’s not going to last. You can change your voice and you can change how it feels to sing, and that helps develop the confidence needed to shine on the stage or audition room, not just sing. My best advice is to get started now if you want more information and control over how your vocal instrument works, so that you have more time to let new data soak into your brain. Allow time for your neural network to build new pathways, and time for the muscles to develop so that you can produce a more easily sustained tone built on a foundation of healthy vocal habits.


My Top 4 Tips for Stopping Procrastination Dead in its Tracks

  1. Limit your time — Setting aside an hour may seem too daunting so start working on your project for a minute or two first thing in the morning. Move on & return later.

  2. Be nice — Give yourself reminders, not criticisms.

  3. Be patient — When you’re trying to change habits, allow yourself time for muscles and mind to adjust to the new habits.

  4. Be persistent — Continuously bring yourself back to your project to regain focus, throughout the day.


Regardless of what new goals you set for yourself, singing lessons or otherwise, please remember to give yourself permission to start slow, build momentum and develop the skill set to continue your journey.



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