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3 Reasons Why It's Never Too Late to Take Up Singing


By Molly Rosen

Singers of all ages come to me for voice lessons: some are as young as five, and some are in their seventies! The surprising thing is that those who are most concerned about age are the singers who are fifty years old and above. A lot of them are concerned that they are “too old” to learn how to sing.

Personally, I believe it is NEVER too late to learn how to sing!  Here are three reasons why singing later on in life is a great idea:

1. It’s personal enrichment

If you’re retired and find yourself with that free time you’ve been wanting for years (and so rightly deserve!), naturally you want to fill it with fun things.  Why not take up singing? The process of learning new songs will help keep your gray matter active. It will also keep your brain engaged by learning new technical terms. Taking time out for a lesson is doing something for YOU and you alone. Trying new things is how we avoid becoming rusty and dull, no matter how old we are.


2. You can sing something you couldn’t sing earlier in life


Why? Because your VOICE is different! For example, many young women have lighter and higher voices. Once they are older and factor in things such as hormones and muscle tone, that voice may be a lot lower and have more heft to it. What to do? Roll with it! Now is the time to consider a low torch song and really have fun with it. Since you’re older, you have a lot more life experience and can certainly bring more to songs than a younger singer who hasn’t quite “been there, done that!”.


3. It’s good for your whole body

Yes, it’s good for your brain but older singers can also benefit from additional health benefits. All that low breathing is fantastic for the cardiovascular system. They’ve done studies!  Singing is also proven to help battle depression. Sleep apnea is another malady that is known to ease up when one studies singing, due to raising of the soft palate. 


If you’re enjoying your golden years, don’t hold yourself back from taking voice lessons.As long as you have a passion for music and the willingness to learn, you will do just fine! Once you build confidence, you should also consider studio recitals and vocal contests to put yourself out there. And why not join a choir? The community aspect is another reason to sing when you’re older.

Singing is a joyful activity that has NO age restrictions!


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I am passionate about music, acting and the performing arts in general. I believe everyone has the ability to sing and should!


I’ve been performing for over 20 years and teaching for the past 12 years. I’m a proud member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. If you’d like to learn more about taking singing lessons, you can find more information and message me on my Savvy page.